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Drugs and alcohol generally influence each individual differently. There is a method to seeking treatment and admittance of a problem is the first step. Once that is accomplished, the addicted person can start the healing process. Constant abuse of drugs and alcohol can cause the abuser to develop a tolerance to their preferred substance. Our treatment center provides people the opportunity to make positive and life-changing choices by helping them break free of drug and/or alcohol issues. Drug and/or alcohol dependency is a harmful, expensive, and painful habit to live through, so we assist drug abusers that have had enough. End the struggle and be ready to actualize sobriety goals. Though not mandatory in all cases, detox programs are available to those that need them, and everyone has access to: custom-designed addiction treatment programs; group and individual therapies; wholesome hobbies and physical activities; beautiful living facilities; and 24-hour supervision and medical care. Don’t allow the pain and agony of drug and alcohol addiction rule your life. To locate a rehabilitation center, to speak to an intake coordinator for a confidential evaluation or to talk to an addiction treatment specialist, call (509) 302-2334. Start the road to recovery now!

Our Mission is to Provide Quality Care and Placement for Those Seeking Addiction Recovery.

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